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Renewable Energy / Turn Organic Food Waste Into Biogas / Bandung (Indonesia)

The Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme (IDBP), called the BIRU programme, is a biogas programme initiative between Hivos and SNV, which implemented by Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE). This programme working close with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource in Indonesia, the Norway Embassy, and EnDev programme (Energizing Development).
BIRU it means ‘blue’ and is an acronym of Biogas Rumah, which translates as ‘biogas for the home’. Leaning on worldwide experience, the BIRU programme seeks to distribute biogas digesters as a local sustainable energy source by developing a commercial, market-oriented sector for them that also provides job and business opportunities for masons and partner organisations in construction. Until November 2015, BIRU has developed 16.015 biogas reactor in nine provinces in Indonesia.

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